Monday, April 21, 2014

Week of April 21, 2014

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! We had a good one out here! We had a great turnout at church.... Apparently there are a lot of "Easter and Christmas" only Mormons out here.... Haha but we were glad they came! We had to sit on the stage in the gym in the back actually. The chapel here is super skinny though, and the court is width not length in the overflow, so there was probably like around 275 people. It was cool!
We were sitting down and this black guy walked in and took a seat. After the sacrament a member came back to us with him and said, "He would like to talk to you." So we went to another room and sat down and he said his name was T and he had been to 2 or 3 other churches that morning and he got kicked out of both of them. He was walking down the street and saw ours so he came in. He said he loved the service, and he wanted to be baptized! And so we talked to him a little more and he told us a little bit about himself. He has had a rough life and he's looking for a better life. He said he feels safe and at home in our church and he wants to join. He seemed a little.... interesting.... so we'll see what happens, but it seemed like a pretty sweet miracle! Hopefully it all works out! He was a hoot though! He brought the Southern Baptist to the gospel principles class! Haha- it was great! The lesson was on the Priesthood, and he kept saying, "Amen!" The teacher asked,  "Can you get to heaven without being baptized?" and he was like "No, man,  no!" It was just too cool! He volunteered for everything too! So we had a good time with him. We hope he comes back!
Other than that not too much else has happened. The couple we had a super powerful lesson with a few weeks ago has gotten back together, so we're going to start working with them again on Wednesday! Hopefully their marriage will be able to hold up so we can keep working with them! We'll see though. K is going to get baptized on May 10th. She's doing extremely well and is very excited about it! We also started teaching a family that seems to be pretty humble, so hopefully they'll progress here soon as well! We have a pretty good teaching pool now of 25 investigators, and it keeps growing. We just need to see a few more progress. We seem to be dropping them as fast as we're finding them lately. Haha but we'll keep it up.
Well, hope everyone has a good week this week! I'm thankful for all the support from everyone back home! It's much appreciated!

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