Monday, May 5, 2014

Week of May 5, 2014

Well, another week went by in Del City, and it FLEW! Time is moving fast out here! Dad always told us, "Time does pass. No matter what, time passes. So what are you going to do with it?" It always made sense, but it's really coming alive how inspired that statement is. The mission is going by! And it says in D&C 58, "This is his mission, and I only give it to him once." Its dawned on me lately that it will never be the same.... So I better work hard and enjoy it! haha
So we're not so sure that K is going to get baptized. Financially they don't think they are ready to get married, and we can't baptize them until they're married. They have a 2 month old together, and so we don't want to break up the family for her to get baptized. So we're just praying that they'll have the faith to keep the commandments, and let God take care of them! But we'll just keep working with them until then.
We had an interesting experience with C and K. They had another argument and split up again. We went over to visit them and K was so exhausted that Elder Carter and I thought he was under the influence of something. But he told us that C left the night before. He told us he needed us to hold his hand so to speak, and visit him every day for about a week. So we stepped in to hear what was going on. While we were sitting there listening to him tell us what happened, a thought popped in my head to have him kneel down and pray and ask for a spiritual experience. I said a quiet prayer and asked if we had K kneel down and offer a prayer if he would be granted a spiritual experience. I felt very strongly it would happen. So we knelt down and he asked to feel God's love and to feel the spirit. We basically just sat back and watched him cry for a couple minutes, and then he didn't even look like the same person. He now had a sound mind, and was no longer super exhausted. It was unreal to see the transformation that took place with him! We told him that any time he needs it he can do that. We visited him a couple days later and he looked like such a happier person. We asked him if he had had any more spiritual experiences and he said he's had 2 since we left! It was amazing to see the change in him as his relationship with our Heavenly Father grew! Things in his relationship are also moving in a more positive direction, so we're excited!
We found a couple other people that we feel are solid. Last night we visited an investigator we haven't been in contact with. We felt we should try her, even though it was at a time that usually isn't good for her. We went and she was outside with her sister. Her sister had told us about a month or 2 ago that she wasn't interested in what we had to say, but she was still nice. Well the sister, J, started rattling off questions, and so we answered them. We answered her questions for about an hour and a half, then we basically taught the restoration. She said that most of the questions she asked was to see if we had a good knowledge about the Bible or not, and whether or not to listen to us. Haha she said we've passed so far! She said she is really interested in learning more, because she's been looking for the full truth, but she didn't think any church had the full truth. She really wants to take this seriously! It was a super awesome miracle because she turned us down a month ago, but now her heart has been softened and she might just find the truth she's been looking for! It was awesome!
The other cool miracle we had is a member invited a friend of hers to conference, and he loved it! His name is M. He's a super humble guy, and is just the nicest guy you'll find. He's looking for something, and he seems to be drawn to our church. We haven't been able to get in contact with him though. Well one night we just stopped by his house and he invited us in. He has been reading the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and Preach My Gospel. Haha he was full of questions. He started asking a lot of questions, and all of them were pertaining to the Plan of Salvation. So we just went through the Plan of Salvation and he said, "This all makes sense, and it answers all of my questions!" We're going to be meeting with him sometime this week hopefully. We're excited for him! He has a lot of potential!
That's mostly what happened around here this week. It was a good week! Elder Carter and I are excited about this next week, so we'll see what happens! Hopefully things keep picking up!
Thanks for all the support back home! I hope everyone has a great week and a happy mothers day!

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