Monday, June 2, 2014

Week of May 19, 2014

What up family and friends? Hope life is going well!
This was an interesting week here in Del City. We had a couple sweet miracles, but for the most part it was pretty quiet. KB is a girl that's been taught by missionaries since September, and could never get baptized because she wasn't married. They wanted to push it back until July, but Elder Carter and I had a good lesson on faith and invited them to pray about whether or not they should get married now. Moving out isn't really an option because they have a 3 month old baby with each other. Well they prayed and they feel that they need to get married, so they're getting married in a week from today if not sooner, and she's going to be baptized on May 31st! She's been waiting for this for a while, so she's excited and so are we!
The other sweet miracle was we were teaching a referral from a member in the area. His name is M. M has come to conference and church, and so we went over there and asked him straight up if he feels that these things are true. We talked about it for a while, and we helped him recognize and identify the spirit. He feels the spirit very strong when it comes to the temple. Every time he sees it he says that his heart jumps and he feels good. Well we had a really good chat with him, and he wants to get baptized shortly! At the end of the lesson we were talking about the church and he said, "So our church is world wide then?" And we were like super stoked that he said "our church" haha. It was awesome!

Well that's mostly it! We had an investigator come to the baptism, and she's wanting to get baptized now as well, but that will be a bit of a process. But life and the work has been good! Hope all is going well back home. Keep the faith! Love ya'll!

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