Monday, June 30, 2014

Week of June 30, 2014- It's Hot!

Man it was a hot week this week! This was the first week I truly hated being in a bike area. Haha it was super humid too with all the rain, but man it was a fun one! It didn't help that most of our investigators were out of town, so we were outside most of the time. But it's all good! It was a good week!


We found a guy named Rock on Tuesday. He was just standing outside and it was probably the most prompted I've ever been to talk with someone. So we went and started talking with him and he said, "Normally when you guys ask to talk I say no thanks but for some reason this time I feel like I should take your card." So we talked about his church for a while and then things naturally flowed into sharing some restored truths. So it was pretty cool! We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon, and then we went back and saw him two days later and he had read a couple chapters and has really liked it! He seems like he's just a great guy as well, so we'll see how things go with him!


We also had a member bring their friends for a church tour on Saturday. It was super awesome! It was so powerful to be able to show them around the building, and to testify of Christ and the prophets as we walk by all the pictures! Talking about baptism by the baptismal font is cool, but the best part always is taking them into the chapel and talking to them there. As the member bore testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith in the chapel the Spirit was so thick it was crazy! They all recognized it and appreciated it! It was an awesome experience!


Well I'm out of time for this week, but those were the quick highlights. Have a good one back home!

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