Monday, June 23, 2014

Week of June 23, 2014

How's the life? Hope you had a good week like me! I'm just happy to be alive lately! My studies have been great, the work is moving, and the beat goes on! And I hit my year mark on Thursday...... Insane.... haha

So not much has been new with me here. Just workin ;) Haha it's been good though! We set a baptismal date with a newer investigator named Joyce. She's 80 years old and is the coolest lady ever! She just loves everything and everyone! W e're so excited about her!

I was on an exchange and we were trying someone and a guy answered the door. We started talking to him and he's going to play wide receiver for OSU this next year. We got talking and stuff and I told him I played college basketball so we talked about college sports for a bit, then I told him why I was out here and we started talking about Christ. He was a cool guy with a strong faith in Christ. So we started talking and the conversation naturally went to Joseph Smith and he was like, "Wait a second, this is exactly what I've been going through! I've been praying a ton lately because I'm getting so sick of going to all these different churches and being confused. Like I just want to know truth!" So he invited us in and we talked some more and he seems real solid! It was cool because I don't think I've ever connected with someone so quickly before on my mission, and like it all flowed so naturally. The gospel has gotten way natural to talk about, it's been cool, but that was just a cool connection. He's in the other elder's area so the only time I'll see him is at church but it was just a cool experience! His name is Landon Harper. He wants everyone to remember the name when he's playing WR for OSU! Haha

We've been having a lot more success with members lately. I just realized that I hadn't been building a relationship with any of the members I was just superficially getting to know them. But as I've talked to them more and started to get to know them they've been great at helping us out with the work! And I'm building relationships, so it's all good!

Our ward mission leader is about to have a baby, and he'll be taking us to the zoo in 2 weeks or so, so we're excited about that as well. Other than that not much else has been going on. I'm serving around a bunch of old men and they're all injured, so sports on p-days has been pretty low key. Haha But life is still good!

Well that's about it for me here. We keep teaching, finding new people, and playing basketball on the streets! It's been pretty warm here the last few days, but it's been good! Hope everyone back home has a great week!

A member drew this actual size Goliath for Sunday School on Sunday

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