Monday, June 2, 2014

Week of May 26, 2014

What's goin on?


This last week was an interesting one. We had some good things and some not so good, but overall not a bad week!


I guess to start it doesn't look like KB is getting baptized this weekend. She still isn't married and said they probably won't be married until late July. We're going to keep working with them and hope that that gets moved up because the way that Satan works something will come up then too. So we'll see what happens.


Other than that no big news. We were able to find quite a few new investigators this last weekend, and it's the first week of summer out here so we're hoping that it will be a good week this week as well! Our car was taken back. I guess another missionary broke a limb and they think they need it more than us so we're back to being a bike area, and with Elder Carter's bike being broke that means we're on foot. We walk an average of 11-15 miles a day, so it's fun! And it's been raining here pretty good lately so we've been doing wet walks. Haha- double fun!


Not much else to report on here. Serge Ibaka coming back and the Thunder winning the other night was the buzz of the city here and so there's life again in the city! Haha so that's a good thing! Still haven't had any tornados anywhere close to where I am, and haven't heard of any coming soon. So still good weather here this year!


Hope everyone has a great week! Keep the faith!

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