Monday, June 9, 2014

Week of June 9, 2014

Another 6 weeks in Del City comin up! I'm super pumped about it! The district here is on fire and it's going to just be a sweet transfer!
The area is picking up! We found 10 new investigators this week, and we feel that for the most part they're solid! They'll meet with us more than once a month at least.... haha so it will be great! We didn't have any crazy experiences, but just a ton of awesome little ones!
We went over to talk to a couple of people on their porch. The lady was like "I'm Baptist and I'll always be Baptist so you're wasting your time and I'm wasting mine." So we just started talking about Christ and she was bearing her testimony about Christ and I said, "You know we aren't wasting our time because you just built my faith!" Then we kept talking and she said, "I know it shouldn't be like this, but I always find I'm on my knees more when I'm in a hard spot," and I said that Christ did the same thing in Gethsemane when he was suffering for us. She loved that and we started talking more, then we talked about prophets, and then we left her with a pamphlet and she wants us back and wants to know if there's a prophet on the earth today! It was sweet!
We also have a family that lives in our apartment complex set up a dinner with a member family (they also live in our apartment complex) and they wanted us to come eat with them and teach them.... Haha and they've been wanting to come to church for a while now but no one has invited them so they haven't. It was so cool! The family has tons of potential and we're super excited about it!
I'm feelin old now.... I never thought I'd turn 20. Haha and I'm starting to think about how crazy it is that my mission is just about half way over........ So yeah. Life does really keep going. Haha and it's been going fast! I'm enjoying it though and I've been finding a ton of joy in the work lately. So yeah my life is good. Really good. (Nacho Libre voice)
Well, I hope everyone back home has a good week this week! I know that God lives, and He knows us personally and He wants us to get to know Him personally. So find out something new about God this week! As you seek to get to know Him better, he reveals more of himself to you. Keep the faith!

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