Monday, August 12, 2013

Week of August 12, 2013

So this week was a great one! The week started off really slow because all of our appointments were dropped and everyone is getting ready for school. Almost everyone was on vacation. But it was still good. We got to talk to a lot of interesting people, and we have some appointments this week so we're excited! We find out if we're getting transferred next Sunday, so if you're going to send something to me either Friday or Saturday be sure to send it to the mission office. That way if I get transferred it won't get sent to where I'm not. I don't think I'll get transferred- just a heads up.
But anyways the last couple of days were amazing! We had one creepy, yet very cool experience. We were out in Washington (every time we go to Washington something amazing happens I swear) meeting with a former investigator. Previous missionaries had lost contact with her when they left the area, and they said she is pretty much golden. So we had the appointment scheduled, but we were standing outside a member's house talking with them just for a second so we could wait for her to get home (her car was gone). We were talking and this lady comes from across the street completely intoxicated, and tells us that her mom was threatening to commit suicide and she needed our help. Her mom is less active in our ward. We go in with the members that were there talking with us (both were high priests) and talked with her. She was intoxicated herself. Well they were getting kicked out of the house by the owner and had no where to go, and she's older and is on oxygen and she just was so lost and didn't know what to do so she turned to drinking. We talked to her and calmed her down. The daughter isn't a member. She was worrying too and while the members were talking to her Elder Owen was very strongly prompted to give her a Book of Mormon. He dug through my backpack and gave it to her, and she promised she would read the entire thing. We're going back tomorrow hoping she's read some and that she's sober. She was very serious though when she said she would read it! We really might be able to work with her!
Well that happened for like a half hour, and so we walked down the street to knock on Alice's door (the one who we had scheduled to go see) and her car wasn't there. We had written her a note and were just about to walk away when she pulled up! So if that whole thing above wouldn't have happened then we would have missed her! We had an amazing lesson with her! She was a referral from a family in our branch (one of the high priests who was there with us right before) from a couple years ago. Well Alice is the most prepared person for the gospel I could ever imagine. She said she just feels like half of her is missing, she's been depressed for the last while, she had been reading the Book of Mormon that she had been given by the previous missionaries, she was marking it up and everything, she recognized that she felt the spirit when the missionaries were over before and while we were there, she recognized she was feeling the spirit when she went to church with the family that referred her, she's just been ready! But she was looking for a purpose in life so we started teaching her the Plan of Salvation. We talked about where we were from, and our purpose here is to have joy. Well she said, "How can I have that joy? I want that joy so badly!" We immediately felt we needed to change gears and teach the Doctrine of Christ. We shared with her that true joy that she had felt when the missionaries were there before came from the spirit, and she recognized that. She kept saying throughout the lesson she wanted to be baptized and when we explained that when we are baptized and keep the covenants we make with God then God is bound to bless us with the Holy Spirit, and that is the joy and peace she was looking for. She wants to be baptized and she's scheduled for September 7th! She's just the nicest lady and she is so loving!
Well that's basically all that happened this week. Like I said before we do have some return appointments and we are going to have some good experiences this week! Oh! We ran into a Buddhist guy the other day, the most Christ-like man ever! He loves missionaries and wants us to come over! He probably won't progress too much, he's had missionaries over a ton before, but he's just such a nice guy and will be fun to talk to!
Ok well I hope you all have a great week! Good luck in school! Love you guys!

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