Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week of August 26, 2013

Que Paso????

Think that means what's up... I dunno. Haha so I've been emailing back and forth with Elder Larsen! He's going to be one stud of a missionary! I also started emailing Elder Stoker! I wish I had more of these guys email addresses because I want to see how they're doing!

Alright this week was another great one! This Branch is ready to splode! That's how our branch mission leader says it. He's from El Salvador so he's got a pretty good accent. But the branch is working! We have a lot of referrals coming our way, and a couple of pretty solid investigators we found through our own efforts. We'll be teaching 2 referrals with members present this week, which will be so great!

Just a couple of the cooler stories this week. So Elder Owen and I LOVE going to Washington! Every time we go there we have great experiences! We went and visited with an older guy named Oliver. We talked to him a while ago and he keeps telling us we're 2 of the nicest people he's ever met. He loves how we live such clean lives, and just is so impressed by us. He also played basketball in college back in his day. He's from Missouri, he's a huge Cardinals fan, and he's just an awesome guy! He brought out his wife and we just talked for a while. He asked us if we've heard about the Amish Mafia.... It was a joke but still it was weird and really funny! But they want to take us to dinner so we're excited. They're just the coolest people!

After that we stopped by Chuck's house. Chuck is a nice guy too. He's been going through an extremely tough time, and he's searching for the calm, peace and love that comes from the Holy Ghost! He said he felt it when he "got saved" but hasn't felt it since. He was praying for that feeling to come back a couple of weeks ago, and that's about the time we knocked on his door. We're going to have to help him realize that it's all connected, but he's someone that the gospel can help so much! The gift of the Holy Ghost will give him exactly what he, and everyone in this world, is looking for. It brings such a sense of peace, joy, and sense of love to your life. We're really excited to continue to help him with that!

After that (this is all on the same day in Washington) we had an appointment with a less active (who's working her way back to activity) and her daughter. She wants to take the lessons again because she's been less active for so long and her daughter wants to turn her life away from all drinking and smoking and drugs. She wants something positive in her life. She set a baptism date for September 28, and she's working toward it. We know she can do it, but she's going to have to really want it!

So one of our investigators was doing some research on the church... When we walked in to meet with him he had a 47 page Wikipedia article about Joseph Smith... He said, "I wanted to go back to the source of all this," so that's how he did it. He was blown away by the stuff it said. He actually gave it to us and told us to read it. It was a lot of facts, but they were written in a very slanderous way. The funny thing is looking through the sources almost every source was the same guy. But anyways back to the lesson. He said he could never believe a book written by that man was true. I asked him, "Do you believe the Book of Mormon isn't true because of the chapter you read out of it, or because of this article you read?" He said it was because of the article, and that he wants to read from the beginning all the way through! It was cool to see how he was willing to put aside all the garbage he read on Joseph Smith and to read the book and to pray about it to know if it was true! He said there's a 0% chance he'll be a Mormon, and that the Book of Mormon isn't going to change him, but we'll leave that between him and God.

That's about it. We had a really cool chat with Buddhist guy John. That's what we call him haha. We have John the Baptist, John the Beloved, and John the Buddhist! He's such a great guy! And we love talking with him!

Well, the Church is true! We're seeing a lot of really cool miracles here. I appreciate the prayers so much! I'm so thankful for the members around the world for all the support the offer us as missionaries!

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