Monday, August 19, 2013

Week of August 19, 2013

So we had a pretty great week this week! Not a ton of special things, but there were a couple cool things I learned and a new game I'm addicted to!

We taught a really cool lesson to a guy named Burl. He had a ton of questions and we were able to answer almost all of them. One that we didn't really have time to answer was, "Do you guys believe in a Heaven and Hell? Because I believe that Jesus loves us way to much to cast someone into an eternal hell." Which is a valid point. Well yesterday in my personal study I read Alma 42. It's Alma speaking to his son Corianton. In the very first verse he says something along the lines of,  "I know that you are concerned that Christ will cast people into hell." That's not exactly what it says, but it's the exact question that Burl has. It resolves that concern through explaining justice. It was so perfect! We now know how to teach Burl!

Other than that not a ton happened. We taught a family which was cool! They cancelled their return appointment so we're hoping that doesn't mean that they are dropping us... We'll see!

Ok so this game that we play is called Book of Mormon baseball. Love it! So my companion will start flipping through the pages until I say stop. I say left or right for the page, then left or right for the column. He says all the verses on that column (the number has to be on that column- not a partial verse) and then I'll pick a number. He reads the verse, then I have to tell him the book and chapter. You get 3 strikes. If you get it right first try you hit a home run, second try is a double, third try is a single, if you get it wrong it's an out. 3 outs in an inning just like baseball. It's so fun! It's a great game to play when you're just out walking! Anyways we had fun with that one.

Well I'm doing a mini exchange with my district leader because he's getting transferred and one of his investigators wants to go play frisbee golf and his companion doesn't want to go. So here we go! I get to play some frolf!

Hope all is well with you guys. The church is true, the restored gospel is what brings true and everlasting happiness, and President Monson is a true, inspired, and living prophet that helps guide us through this crazy world we live in. And even though he's the president of the church, he isn't the head of the church. Christ truly is the head of this church, and what a blessing it is to be a part of it!

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