Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week of September 23, 2013- It's a boy!

Yup! I'm getting a son! Haha I don't feel that I'm ready to train, but ready or not I'll have a brand new missionary a week from Wednesday! I'm excited and kind of nervous at the same time, but we'll see how this goes! I just hope I don't have to split an area as well... We were told we'll both be training, and one will still train in Blanchard and the other will be training and splitting a new area, and they wouldn't tell us where... Anyways we're really excited!

So not much happened this week until Friday, but after Friday we had an AMAZING week! So Friday night we were able to teach our downstairs neighbor and his wife joined in this time! We taught them the Restoration, and things went great! They committed to read and pray, and told us that they would like it if we came and read with them. And since they're just downstairs we'll be able to do that frequently! But at the end of the lesson the wife told us that living in the apartments was the last place she wanted to live, but they felt like they should live there and they didn't know why. She said she doesn't think its a coincidence that we (missionaries from our church) moved in upstairs just a couple months after them! She said that there must be a reason for it, but they're going to read and pray to know that it's true before they make a decision. But it was so exciting that she said that, and a week before her husband said pretty much the exact same thing!

So we finished the lesson at 8:55, and we aren't supposed to go inside until 9, so we went for an obedience walk. We walked to the mailbox and on our way back a couple of guys who were smoking and drinking on their balcony said,  "What's up guys?" So we walked over and just talked to them from down below them and one of the guys was from St. Louis, and he had Cardinals all over him so it was obvious he was a cool guy, but he said he was investigating the church in 1996 when sisters were here! He said that it's really cool because the things in the Book of Mormon are being scientifically proven, and that their finding blood from Jerusalem in the Native Americans. He said he's moved a ton so he didn't know where he put his Book of Mormon and so I said, "Well how about we give you one right now then?" So I walked up and gave him one, and his friend asked what we believe so I gave him an Articles of Faith card. He asked us where we thought heaven was and that everyone else says it's up, yet it's not up because telescopes look all over and can't see it. He said he's a scientology believer or whatever. So we said that we'd love to talk to him more about that and that we think what we have to share would actually make sense to him. Then he asked us if we believe the Holy Ghost could come from a different planet.... And if the 12 tribes could have come from 12 different galaxies, and if there's other life out there that God is the God over. He said he believes there's a God, and that someone had to create all this, but there has to be other life forms out there because of how big the universe is. So we want to get in and talk with him!

Saturday we taught a young mother. She has a 6 year old boy, a 6 week old daughter, and her husband is deployed. She's a history major, and so she said she'd definitely read the Book of Mormon because she's interested in the history aspect of if! She's way super busy, which shoot I don't even know how she does it all by herself, but her husband is coming back in a couple weeks, so she'll have more time then to read. But yeah it was really cool because at first it was a "well you guys are giving up your time to share this so i'll give up some time to hear what you have to say" and now she's a serious investigator!

Then that night we found out that we'd be training so we went out to eat, and the place we had one waitress and one lady in there eating. So we go in and the waitress takes our order and she starts asking a ton of questions about our religion and talks with us about our missions for a while! And the other lady in there paid for our meal which was way nice of her! Just tender mercies and miracles everywhere!

Haha so last thing real quick is that we taught the family that has been coming to church yesterday during church. We have to teach them then because of how busy they are, but the father told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true, and that he feels that he needs to bring his family to this church for some reason, so he is. He just wants to learn a little more, but he basically said he wanted to be baptized when he finds that out! So we're just so excited about them!

Gosh this was just such an amazing week! Thank you guys so much for all your prayers! They truly are being answered!

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